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You will receive a personalized, structured document that decodes these themes:

Type. You will learn as much as possible about your type: its purpose, advantages and disadvantages, correct development, relationships, sleep, and other important areas.

Inner Authority. You will find out more about the source of wisdom within yourself and also learn how to use it to make the right decisions without regretting them.

Strategy of your type. This part tells you how to properly use the energy of your type and what it shouldn’t be used for. The information is provided with examples and practical recommendations.

False Self. You will learn about the destructive states that may appear when you ignore the strategy of your type. We will teach you how to deal with them.

Life signature. This part is dedicated to what rewards life brings when you implement your design correctly. You will learn the details of how to achieve this.

Profile. Patterns/roles of your behavior. You will discover the areas and conditions that will make it easier for you to express yourself in public.

Definition. Self-sufficiency. We will tell you about your dependence on other people and how it is expressed. You will receive recommendations on how to use it to your advantage.

Centers defined. These are the areas of life in which you influence other people, becoming some kind of mentors for them.

Centers undefined. This includes your instability/changeability and vulnerabilities. This is a real school of life. In these areas you are constantly affected by others. You will learn what to do about it.

Channels. Your basic skills and social adaptation methods. You should find out more about them and learn how to use them correctly.

Gates dormant (located in an undefined center). These are your personal characteristics that cannot be emphasized in development. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of effort and time.

Gates hanging (located in a defined center). These are your characteristics that help implement your channels and do it in a unique way.

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The volume of information is 100 pages.

All texts are written in an accessible way. We tell everything with examples and give many examples and recommendations.

This is a real manual for life.

Ideal for beginners.

You won’t find texts of similar quality on the internet.

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How the Human Design system works

You should know that.

In 1998, it was proven that tiny neutrino particles are born on stars with very little mass. They pass through planets and people every second with enormous intensity.

The effects of neutrinos on humans have not yet been confirmed by official science. However, in 2015, scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics for conducting experiments that proved that neutrinos do change the state of the element through which they pass. This discovery fundamentally changed the way scientists think about matter, and perhaps in the future they will be able to prove the effects of neutrinos on humans.

In the revelation that the author of the Human Design system received, it was stated that all planets through which neutrinos pass are natural filters for them, and give them their informational imprint, thus programming us (humans). And this programming we can translate into human behavior and potential with the Bodygraph.

Each human genome contains about 30,000 genes. Genes carry instructions for the synthesis of amino acids into the proteins from which cells are built. Each individual cell in our body contains a complete genome map, but depending on what kind of cell the cell is, only certain genes will be highlighted. The cell epithelium of the heart muscle, for example, contains information about all the cells of the body, but only that which contributes to the heart’s tasks, namely blood supply, is activated in it.

The design of Man follows the same logic. Each person carries the same genetic matrix, but only certain parts of it are activated. You can see the activation data and understand what is genetically expressed in a person and what is not, on the Bodygraph – your personal map

In esoteric traditions, the chakras are understood to be the energy centers that distribute energy through the human body. From the revelation that the author of the Human Design system received, it was said that the number of centers reflects the evolutionary movement of mankind. Neanderthals many years ago possessed a five-center structure similar to that of modern mammals. Since 1781, the first nine-centered beings have appeared, for whom the seven chakras of Hinduism are a thing of the past.

Astronomy and Astrology. As in astrology, the individual chart (Bodygraph) is obtained on the basis of the exact date, time and place of birth, using astronomical data. However, Human Design does not use the concept of “houses” and zodiac signs as astrology. It uses a more precise scheme consisting not of 12, but of 64 basic elements. In addition, two dates are used to create the Bodygraph. The second date is determined by the system itself.

The I Ching and DNA. The basic 64 elements in the map were taken from the ancient Chinese Book of Changes I Ching. It was said in the revelation that hexagrams from the I Ching must be used to understand a person’s individual potential. Some time after the revelation this information could be checked and verified.

Our genetic code consists of four nucleotide bases, which are organized into groups of three. Each of these chemical groups corresponds to one amino acid and forms what is called a “codon.

Similarly, in the I Ching there are four basic combinations of Yin and Yang, which are also organized into groups of three, known as “trigrams. And just as the two chains of our DNA complement each other, each trigram of the I Ching has a trigram partner. Together these two symbols form a “hexagram”, the basis of the I Ching.

There are 64 DNA codons in our genetic code, 64 hexagrams are described in the I Ching, and there are 64 Gates in the Bodygraph.

None of these systems individually gives a person specific guidance on how to express himself, how to interact with this world and how to make decisions correctly. But Human Design is a synthesis. It brings together ancient knowledge and modern science to make something more. So only Human Design can offer you everything you need.


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